The perfect blend between
modded and vanilla rust

Improved Loot Tables

Barrels, Crates, and Airdrop loot are improved. No more useless blueprint drops or junk items from airdrops.

Auto Turret Improvements

You cannot place auto turrets near each other, they must be placed at least 5 foundations apart.

Better Blueprints

Low tier and roleplay blueprints are unlocked by default.

Roaming Group Limit

When roaming outside of your base, max group limit is 6. This rule does not apply when inside of your base's TC radius.

Night Cycle

Night time is brighter and only lasts 5 minutes.

24/7 Staff Team

Our staff members are from all over the world, meaning we always have admins online to assist you.


Online Players

Donate to enjoy these perks, never wait in a queue again!

  • Queue Skip (No more waiting in queue)
  • Skinbox (Access to all skins)
  • Sign Artist (Put any image on your signs in-game)
  • More Blueprints (Level 1 blueprints unlocked by default)
  • VIP Kit (Weekly kit with resources and tools)
  • Discord Perks (Must link Discord account)

VIP Rank

Starting at $4.99 per month